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Me and My Sisters
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Julie used to be the easy-going one. But now she is a mother of four boys under five, her marriage is under strain and she is struggling to keep sane. She needs support, but her sisters don’t understand. After all, their lives are perfect.

Lawyer Louise has always been top of her game, with little time for family and even less for romance. But with a drunken mistake threatening everything she’s worked for, she may have to accept that she needs help to keep going.

Gorgeous Sophie got everything she ever wanted: a loving husband, a beautiful, well-behaved daughter and a designer lifestyle. Her sisters consider her spoiled and shallow but she doesn’t care – that’s until her life is turned upside down and she realizes they may be right. Not taht she’s going to let them know the trouble she’s in.

The Devlin sisters think they have little in common. They might just be in for some big surprises.