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Mad About You
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Emma and James have been married for nine years. They have to move from Dublin to London for his job as a rugby coach. They have two small children who see more of their nanny than they do of their parents. With busy work schedules, Emma and James’ marriage, like so many, has become stale. After a few weeks in London, James starts receiving sex-texts from an unknown number. He presumes it’s one of the players he coaches, pulling his leg. The texts continue and then sex toys start arriving to their house, addressed to Emma. Soon, threatening texts are being sent to Emma’s phone. James vehemently denies that he is having an affair. He is furious and determined to find out who is stalking them. Emma wants to believe him, but she begins to wonder if he is cheating on her. Their marriage starts to fall apart under the strain and suspicion. Should Emma trust her husband? Is he cheating on her? Or is he really the victim of an obsessed stalker? Will Emma figure out who it is in time to save her marriage?