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Yours, Mine, Ours
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Every family has a story to tell – blended families just have more chapters 

When nurse Anna meets lecturer James at the GP practice where she works, sparks fly. After many years propping up her unhappy marriage to man-child Conor, she’s ready for a grown-up relationship. James is everything she wants and needs in a man: he’s mature and responsible; he has a real job and doesn’t lounge around on the sofa watching sports on TV.

James is smitten with Anna, too. She’s gorgeous: petite, pretty, full of fun – after his unhappy marriage to the very driven Ingrid, she’s a breath of fresh air. After a few months of a whirlwind romance, Anna and James are ready to take the next step, even if their children aren’t. James’s teenage daughter, Bella, is horrified that she’ll be sharing her life with Anna’s daughter, Grace – she’s such a nerd. For Anna’s son, Jack, James is a very poor substitute for the father he adores.

But Anna and James are determined to make a go of their blended lives and family. Even if James is horrified at Jack’s hyperactive antics; and Anna is alarmed at James and Ingrid’s endless spoiling of Bella, whose designer wardrobe is packed with labels and who has free run of her mother’s credit card. The trouble for Bella is that this comes with a side order of loneliness and the endless pressure to be smart and beautiful. For science-mad Grace, caught in the middle of the endless rows and tensions, the only way is out, on a scholarship to America, far away from the chaos at home.

After camping trips that end in disaster, movie nights that finish with slamming doors and sulks, and an Easter lunch that ends with a trip to A&E, Anna and James realise that, in their efforts to glue together this imperfect bunch, they have lost their own relationship. Then help comes from a very surprising quarter, and they come to understand that that’s how families get through the worst of times – together. Anna and James’s family might be blended, but they need each other more than even they know…

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